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Company History

Carla Boardman began writing arrangements for chamber groups in 1991.  With the formation of a string quartet in 1998, the demands for a variety of pieces and custom arrangements requested by clients expanded her collection.

In February 2002, a couple requested that the quartet perform The Ludlows from the Legends of the Fall film soundtrack at their wedding.  After a fruitless search for sheet music, Carla decided to transcribe the piece directly from the soundtrack CD in order to honor the clients' request.  The piece was listed on the quartet's website merely as an example of a special request they had done, having no idea that there were others searching for the music as well.  The number of requests for The Ludlows eventually inspired Carla to seek a print license for legal publication.

In communicating with other string quartets around the country, Carla also realized that there is a real need for popular pieces that are arranged for chamber groups.  When comparing notes on the few pieces that are available, the consensus is that many of them lack the interest and originality of a good arrangement.  At this point, Carla first got the idea to start a sheet music printing company that fulfilled the need for popular pieces for chamber groups.

Carla met pianist and composer Daniel Padrón in July 2002, and he began teaching her jazz violin.  She also took an interest in Daniel's original compositions and his incredible ability to play a piece on a few hearings, thanks to his perfect pitch.  When clients requested transcriptions, Carla asked Daniel for his help.  Using his sharp ear and keyboard made the transcription work go quickly.  

With these ideas, Boardman Music Publishing, LLC opened its doors on the internet in July 2003.  We look forward to filling the needs of musicians everywhere.

Who We Are

Carla Boardman Padrón studied piano at a very early age, and became interested in the violin at age 10.  In her youth she attended many music festivals, including Eastern Music Festival in 1984 and was active in the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra (Richmond VA) and the Petersburg Symphony.   While pursuing a math degree at Virginia Commonwealth University, she played with the VCU Symphony conducted by David Commanday.  From 1991 to 1998 she played with the Greensboro Philharmonia in North Carolina, serving as associate concertmaster during her last two seasons there.  She began playing with  the Georgia Philharmonic in 1998, and decided to expand her horizons by taking up the viola.  After founding a string quartet in 1998, she began arranging various pieces for the quartet including some requests for weddings.  So far she has composed one original piece.  She married Daniel Padrón in the summer of 2004.  Daniel and Carla perform classical and jazz music as the Obsidian Duo.  Carla also plays viola with the Candlelight String Quartet and two other volunteer chamber groups.  Carla still works a "day job" as a technical writer. 

Daniel Padrón (pronounced pah-DRŌN)  was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  He was exposed to jazz and Latin music at an early age by his father, though he also credits his American mother for influencing his musical style.  

Daniel began studying piano at age 13 and eventually went on to earn a BA in Music from Georgia State University.   While working on his degree, he became adept in performing and composing both jazz and classical. In 1993, he formed a Latin jazz band called Wild Rice which performs many of his original jazz compositions.  He also performs throughout the Atlanta area as a solo pianist.  Daniel has recorded a CD of his original piano compositions entitled Whisper to the Night.

To learn more about Daniel, visit his site at www.danielpadron.com

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