Ave Maria

by Franz Schubert

String arrangements by Carla Boardman Padrón



String Quartet

Includes 2 viola parts - one to accompany a soloist, the other with the melody so the piece can be played as an instrumental.  Audio samples of both are below.

Attention String Trios

The viola part can be omitted to perform the accompaniment with 2 violins and cello.  However, this configuration can ONLY be used to accompany a vocalist.

A violin-viola-cello trio can use this as an instrumental (viola has the melody).

Vocal Score

Contains the lyrics (in Latin), melody, and a piano reduction of the string parts.  That way the vocalist knows exactly what you're playing.  

Differnt keys available!  Offered here are the original B-flat plus another arrangement for medium voice that has been transposed down to G major.  Vocal ranges are described immediately below.

Vocal Range
Version Highest note Lowest note
B-flat major 
High Voice

soprano: 2.5 steps above high C
: 2.5 steps above middle C

soprano: 2.5 steps above middle C
: 4.5 steps below middle C

G major 
Medium Voice

soprano: one step above high C
: one step above middle C

soprano: one step above middle C
: 7 steps below middle C

E-flat major
Low Voice


alto: one step below high C
: one step below middle C


alto: one step below middle C
: 9 steps below middle C


Catalog # Instrumentation

Audio samples (MP3)

(USA $)

For High Voice  (original key)
C0001-Q2 String Quartet in B-flat
(or trio: 2 violins & cello)
with vocal melody

with viola melody

C0001-VS Vocal score in B-flat $4.00
For Medium Voice
C0002-Q2 String Quartet in G maj.
(or trio: 2 violins & cello)
with viola melody
C0002-VS Vocal score in G maj. $4.00
For Low Voice
C0004-Q2 String Quartet in E-flat maj.
(or trio: 2 violins & cello)
C0004-VS Vocal score in E-flat maj. $4.00


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