Canon in D major

by Johann Pachelbel

String arrangements by Carla Boardman Padrón




Yes, it's that staple piece of wedding ceremonies.  All arrangements are as close to Pachelbel's original as I could get them.  Here are additional notes on the arrangements:

String Quartet

Has an interchangeable Violin 3 and Viola part.  Both are based on the Violin 3 part in the original, but the first 6 bars are taken from the viola part in the original.  The Viola part has some passages moved down an octave to make it more "viola friendly."   This is an ideal copy to have for a quartet who has a violist that also plays violin. 
I personally tote both instruments to performances so I can play the Violin 3 part.  However, there are lazy days when I play the viola part instead.

String Trios

In eliminating the Violin 3 part, a "thin spot" is created in the middle of the piece.  This arrangement removes the thin spot.

There are two trio configurations available.  The Viola (in the violin-viola-cello trio) has the same part as Violin 2, but some passages are moved down an octave to make it more "viola friendly".

Violin-Cello Duet

Finally - a cello part for Pachelbel that's interesting to play!  The cello part is largely a transcription of the original Violin 2 part.


Catalog # Instrumentation

*Score samples (PDF)

Audio samples (MP3)

(USA $)


C0003-Q1 String Quartet 2 violins, viola, cello

3 violins & cello

C0003-T1 String Trio:  2 violins and cello $6.00
C0003-T2 String Trio:  violin-viola-cello $6.00
C0003-D2 Violin-Cello Duet $6.00

* IMPORTANT: A score is NOT included with purchase. 
One page of the score is presented here for your reference only.


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