North and South

Main Title theme

by Bill Conti

Transcribed and arranged by Carla Boardman Padrón



Main title theme from the 1985 TV miniseries North and South, set during the American civil war.

Key A major (starting) / C major
Performance length 3.5 minutes
Arranger Notes Notes and chords were transcribed from the original soundtrack.

String Quartet: Violin 1 to 9th position.

Catalog # Instrumentation

Audio samples (MP3)

(USA $)

P0010-P1 Solo Piano $8.00
P0010-Q1 String Quartet $12.00
P0010-T1 String Trio: 2 violins and cello $9.00
P0010-T2 String Trio: violin-viola-cello $9.00


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