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About Our Services

What is an arrangement? An arrangement can be done from existing sheet music for another instrumentation (such as from piano music to string quartet).  Often clients ask for a custom arrangement for a special event (such as a wedding) in order to get exactly what they want. 
What is a transcription?

Transcribing is done when there is no previously printed music, therefore a recording must be listened to carefully and the notes written down in order to create sheet music.  This can be done for original compositions, or a very popular piece that has never been published as sheet music.

For original works, the recording should be made using the best quality equipment and media available to the composer.   A muffled recording or ambient room noise will lengthen the time it takes to transcribe a piece.

What are your rates for arranging/transcribing? The rate for either arranging or transcribing is $20 per hour
Please fill out the form below for an total estimate of your particular piece.

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Existing sheet music? Does sheet music already exist for this piece (examples - piano sheet, orchestra score)? 
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  • For instrumental arrangements, we use the original key OR the best key for the instrument(s), unless you specify a preference below.
  • If the work is accompanying a vocalist, you MUST specify the key that the vocalist needs.  If you don't have this information now, you can provide it later, but work cannot begin until the key is determined.

Key needed: 


Performance Date If the work is being performed on a specific date (such as for a wedding), please provide the date here. 
  • An arrangement is completed and delivered approx. 1 month before the performance date to allow the musicians time to practice.
  • All work is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You will be notified if there is not sufficient time to complete the work.

Performance Date: 

Additional Notes / Questions

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