The Wedding

from the film Legends of the Fall

by James Horner

Transcribed and arranged by Carla Boardman Padrón




This beautiful instrumental theme carries the western romance of Isabelle and Tristan's wedding.  A popular selection for weddings.

Key D major
Performance length Approx. 4 minutes

Musical themes

This pieces contains the following musical themes, which flow from one to the other when performed.
  1. Opens with "The Wedding" tune (chords held by strings)
  2. Followed by "Alfred's Theme" (same as Alfred Goes to Helena track)
  3. Followed by "The Ludlows" tune (key change to C major)
  4. Followed by "Alfred's Theme" - (recap by solo violin and clarinet on original soundtrack)
  5. Ends with "The Wedding" tune 
Arranger Notes This version is identical to the original soundtrack.  Minor modifications have been made to better accommodate a solo instrument or chamber group. 


Catalog # Instrumentation

Audio samples (MP3)

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P0004-P1 Solo Piano $6.00
P0004-Q1 String Quartet $16.00
P0004-T1 String Trio:  2 violins and cello $12.00
P0004-T2 String Trio:  violin-viola-cello $12.00


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